About The Artist


Elizabeth Stewart ( Messenger ) Paterson

Mom was born in 1909, grew up and was educated in the public schools of Montreal, MacDonald College and Queens University before embarking on a teaching career. She continued teaching until she married Dad in 1935 and her sons started to arrive on the scene. After the war, and the arrival of Bill, Colin and John, the family moved to New Brunswick, first for a year in St. Stephen followed by the permanent move to Fredericton where Rob made his appearance.

Mom had a life long interest in art but no formal training. With her teaching career behind her and the boys growing up, she began to put that interest into practise by dabbling away in her spare time, at first on her own but then with like minded friends and neighbours. Although she had no formal training she did get away for a couple of summer schools at Mount Allison and one summer session at the Banff School of Fine Arts. On occasion she also sat in on classes with Molly Bobak at the UNB Art Center. She shared a most wonderful friendship with Molly who constantly provided her with encouragement.

Mom and her pals were not in art for profit, not at all. They just loved to paint for the fun of it. Quite to the contrary, being her own worst critic, she emphatically rejected the idea that she should exhibit her works. Rather, she would donate her art to many, many charity sales, auctions and fund raisers in the city and would also often give paintings to friends, and children of friends, on special occasions. Over the years her works have found their way, not only into the homes of our now extended family, but into many other homes in town and beyond as well. We have even recently discovered a few in Estate sales in the Province. She would have been very surprised to learn how much we paid to repurchase them!

Since she passed away, we, her sons, have so often thought that we should attempt to put together a catalogue of Mom’s art as a collection of memories to have for her grandkids and great grandkids who never had a chance to know her or to sit at her table doing crafts with her. She was a very creative, and a very patient, person with all of us. Like so many great ideas, the project never managed to get off the ground……until now that is. The next generation have taken it upon themselves to do just that. So thanks to their yeoman efforts and to the full cooperation of all of our family and those of our friends who we know have pieces, this wonderful website was born……..a far cry from the ” catalogue ” we had chatted about!!

We hope, and know, that all who visit the site will enjoy this little trip down memory lane with us.


  1. We think we are in possession of one of her paintings. My wife purchased it in Fredericton NB in 1980 just prior to meeting me. It’s an impressionistic style painting of an ice and snow blown alder swamp largely in blues and whites. The paint is quite thickly applied in portions. We have thorough enjoyed it all these years and just admiring again while passing in the hallway I was inspired to see what information if any was available on line. The back of the painting is covered up so I haven’t opened to see nor can I recall if any information is written on the back of the board on which it is painted. Anyways just wanted to pass on that we continue to very much enjoy it as part of our collection and would be pleased to send a photo or few of the work and signature if interested.
    Gordon and Anne

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