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  1. Happy Birthday Dad!
    We hope you enjoy this website as much as we have enjoyed collecting Nana’s art from our family and friends.
    Craig, Angela, Luke and Zachary

  2. Happy Birthday Dad and Thank you Nana.
    As children, you inspired us to share your passion for art and encouraged us to get dirty. As adults, we appreciate your talents and want to share your gifts.

  3. Such a beautiful tribute to your Mother/Grandmother! She was a very talented woman. Thank you for sharing.

  4. How proud you all must be of your nana/mom . Truely a remarkable talented woman. Through her art, she will always be near and dearly remembered. Thank you so much for sharing. Very much enjoyed.
    John, hope you had a fantastic birthday

  5. I. Had no idea that Elizabeth was so talented and so prolific. She left a wonderful legacy of art works for everyone to enjoy, Anne Ingram

  6. This is absolutely awesome!!! What a wonderful site………what a fabulous collection………and what a special, special, Mom, Nana, friend and person our Nana was. All of that and, as this site shows, talented too. She was so proud of all of her family. But she would have been embarrassed to think that her work was out there floating around on the Web ( whatever that is! ) for everyone to see and to share. ” I’m not ready to exhibit or show my stuff yet ” I can just hear her saying. In her mind she would never be ready!! And yet we and many, many others have been blessed to have been able to enjoy her work for all these years. Now we can share it!!!
    I can’t begin to thank you for the thoughtfulness and all the hard work and effort that went into this project. To Craig and Angela, as creators and coordinators, and to all of you who I’m told enthusiastically jumped on board with your cooperation and contributions, I am sincerely grateful. What a special way for me to celebrate my special day!! It is indeed a gift for all of us to enjoy and to share. I love it……….and I love all of you………..thank you all so very, very much……..

  7. This gift to your dad is a treasure, like Nana’s art and her legacy.
    Thank you, Craig, for pulling it together for all of her family to enjoy for years to come.
    Xoxo. Mom/Darlene

  8. What a joy it is to scroll through this website of Elizabeth Paterson’s work. It has been my privilege to live with Elizabeth’s paintings around me for fifty years.
    I can speak first hand to her generous spirit. For over fifteen years the Y organized an Art and Craft Sale to raise money. Elizabeth always donated several pieces to the sale, refusing to accept the two thirds of the sale price which was hers by right.
    I always cherished her as an artist, a neighbour, and a friend. This website is a wonderful tribute to her and to her work for us all.
    Ann Morgan

  9. My siblings and I have only fleeting memories of our Morgan grandparents. However, being raised in the house they built among their neighbours and friends in Sunshine Gardens ensured their imprint on our lives. Nana Paterson’s paintings are a concrete affirmation of a friendship that has spanned three generations in my family. For me, her works are as much part of 97 Rookwood Avenue as the red oak out front which she captured so beautifully on her canvass close to 45 years ago. Looking through this wonderful gallery feels like home. Thank you Paterson’s, for sharing such a precious part of your family.
    With love from Sarah

  10. Happy birthday John. Your mother was pretty amazing, as are your children. What a great idea and tribute to your mother.

    Love Nancy

  11. You have made a beautiful site here, I am am not surprised that WordPress have chosen to showcase it. Your mother’s paintings are quite quite lovely!

  12. Every time I would run next door to play with my best friend, I would see the wonderful painting of a three year old Jill sitting on the floor playing with her toys. I loved it then, and it love it now. This site is a wonderful tribute to a quietly talented woman.

  13. Wonderful tribute and creative way to preserve family memories. The Paterson clan continue to be a gifted group. Well-done!

  14. Craig, Had the pleasure to meet your wife Angela and her mother Brenda earlier today. They told me about Elizabeth and mentioned this site. My partner Joyce and I are so happy to be able to see the work of this most talented and gracious lady. I am particularly drawn to ESPaterson 77 and 78 – incredible oils something I would expect to see in a gallery. I dabble a bit in painting myself but am in awe of her tallent and range. Thank you for this gift

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